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Having a website is only part of a successful business plan. If no one sees your site, you might as well not have one. Ent Web DS is proud to employ the latest technologies in Web promotions and will present you with a plan that is guaranteed to get your website ranked up there with the top dogs in your industry.

We will provide you with a detailed road map to first page rankings on Google and other popular search engines. We offer the following SEO services:

  • Keyword research *
    We can help you determine which keywords to choose to get the best results. We'll also help you revise your website text to ensure that the search engines rank your site favorably with respect to the keywords you choose.
  • Search engine submission
    Ent web will submit your site to the major search engines to accelerate your visibility.
  • Tips and suggestions *
    We'll prepare a detailed report that outlines the precise measures you should take to improve your ranking. We guarantee a top ten ranking for your website if 100% of the suggestions are followed.
  • Validation services *
    Search "spiders" ignore websites with errors. We can help bring your website into conformity.
  • Link exchange
    We can help you increase the number of links to and from your website, which improves your credibility and ranking.
*This service is included at no charge with our Supreme website packages, and at a reasonable rate for smaller packages and established sites.
If your business needs visibility, we can make it happen!
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